Diamond Club

Become a Plumb Magic® Wizards Plumbing Club member today and be at ease tonight.

An unexpected expense can take the magic out of any day. Just like maintaining the systems of your car with routine maintenance, your plumbing system can also be kept at top notch performance when checked regularly. Even with maintenance, things can go wrong and you will need a professional to fix the problem. With a membership in our Diamond Club, you will have peace of mind knowing that you receive routine maintenance on your plumbing systems, priority service and discounts on unexpected plumbing issues.

The diamond club is a monthly subscription that gives you access to both routine and emergency service at a discounted rate, and front of the line services. Lifetime members also build home value because their membership can be transferred to a new homeowner in the instance that they are moving outside of our service area.

We offer 2 levels of membership to our diamond club. With just a one-year commitment, you can join as a “Diamond Club Member” or a “Diamond Club Lifetime member”

Under either the Diamond club membership or Lifetime Diamond Club membership you are guaranteed to receive a full plumbing inspection, including toilets, faucets, exposed water lines, piping under sinks, washing machine hoses and valves, water heater, and more and a value of over $230.00! You will receive this service annually. Any adjustments needed at the time of inspection are made FREE of additional cost. See the chart below for a brief comparison of Diamond Club Member Benefits

Diamond Club Member

$7.95 per month

  • Annual inspections
  • 10% off service and repairs
  • 2 years Service Guarantee
  • Manufacturer Fixture guarantee
  • $49 Reduced service fee

Lifetime Diamond Club Member

$14.95 per month

  • Annual inspections
  • 15% off service and repairs
  • 3 years Service Guarantee
  • Lifetime Fixture guarantee
  • $29 Reduced service fee

Diamond Club Member

Diamond Club Enrollment