Emergency Service

In every moment we strive to provide all of our customers the outstanding service they’re used to during normal business hours. Not surprisingly, not everything happens during normal business hours. That is ok, we are here to help.

What is an emergency plumbing service and when to call Plumb Magic?

If you have any broken water pipes that have or could cause flooding in your house, you have a plumbing emergency. If sewage is backing up into your home, you have a plumbing emergency. Call Plumb Magic immediately if these problems are happening in your home or business. Our "on-call" technician will promptly contact you with an immediate solution to secure the problem until service can be provided. Day or night we know the trick to making your emergency disappear!

Normal plumbing services include things like routine maintenance on water heaters or backflow prevention systems, dripping faucets or other similar calls.

Urgent plumbing service includes stopped up toilets, drains or the water heater has stopped making hot water or your well has stopped working.

For normal or urgent service call our office during regular business hours. We promptly return all messages!

We conveniently offer Urgent Repair Services on Saturday for plumbing services as well!

Join the discount club for special routine services that can help prevent the need for most emergency service in your home or business.

Why participate in preventative maintenance?

When you are a member of our Diamond Discount club, you receive "front of the line" service. Every hour! Every day! After signing up, we will inspect your plumbing system initially and continue to inspect annually. During these inspections the technician will make any adjustments, repairs or replacements to eligible fixtures. All at no cost for you!

Lastly a public service announcement – Call Miss Utility before you dig! If for any reason you have begun a project without professionals that require digging - always call Miss Utility so you do not break any gas, cable or electric lines.