Drain Vision and Aqua Bright

Drain Vision and Aqua Bright

At Plumb Magic we are proud to use the Drain Vision System, which is a high definition drain camera will actually let you see the Inside of your pipe. Drain Vision provides first-rate insight into the current condition and function of the sewer lines. We look for unusually large amounts of debris or grease as well as any other obstructions or Damages to your pipe. A Video camera is fed into Your sewer pipe from the house and snaked through to the main sewer line in the street. You will see in high definition, your sewer problems.

The inspection process is quick and efficient. Video inspection takes the Guess work out of Identifying possible breaks or other damages to your sewer.  We then use a digital transmitter to signal the exact location of the defect to our locator. We can Pinpoint the location of a break to an accuracy of a few feet. We no longer have to dig up your whole line. Being this accurate saves you tons of money.  

Did you know recently in our area the gas company installed new supply lines. In the process they damaged hundreds of sewer line. To date we have found almost a dozen homes with gas lines penetration the sewer lines. Drain Vision works!

Aqua Bright Pipe Rejuvenation is a technologically advanced pipe scrubbing system that breaks up, eliminates, and removes the sludge, dirt, grime, and filth that has attached itself to your pipes over the years. Removing all of the sludge and grime from your home's pipes and blasts it away. High pressure blasts of water will transform your dirty, sludge-filled pipes into gleaming, Aqua Bright pipes. So clean, in fact, that future dirt and sludge will just slide on by rather than sticking around to cause problems. Wouldn’t it be great if your plumbing system was magically as clean as the day it was installed? Clogged drains are a big hassle. Dirt and sludge build up in your pipes, creating an impassable barrier keeping waste from leaving your home. Your pipes can be like new again, and we don’t have to tear your home apart to do it.

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