The employees of Plumb Magic have received top honors
at the Success Group International’s National Score Board for plumbing service and remodeling.

From 2013 to 2015:

  • Plumb Magic has received the award of Excellence from Home Advisor Inc. This award is for quality in the plumbing service industry nationwide.

  • Plumb Magic has also received the Super Service Award from Angies list.

The Plumb Magic Story
Founded in 2009 as Plumb Magic® LLC, we have achieved the dreams of the Taggert Family.

The first Wizard, John Taggert was a farmer and engineer for the railroad. Having emigrated to the United States from Scotland at the turn of the 20th century and serving in World War I, Grandpa John and Grandma Gladys survived the Great Depression with a immeasurable work ethic and the ability to do great work. This was all handed down to their adopted nephew, Jimmy.

James David Taggert served in World War II and learned the plumbing trade after his discharge. He found himself in the city of Norfolk, Virginia, where he and one of his buddies from the plumbing hall meet and fall in love with two sisters, his buddy becoming his brother-in-law. Though newly in love, both found the time became master plumbers.

James D Taggert (Jimmy) was one of the most respected master plumbers in the Hampton Roads area. After nearly 40 years in the field he went to work for the city of Norfolk as a plumbing inspector. Jimmy taught many of the current master plumbers in the Hampton Roads region, including his sons. Two of his sons would achieve the title of master plumber after years of hard work and study.

Jimmy’s son, Michael G. Taggert, went on to become the Founder of Plumb Magic® LLC.

Although he held a natural proclivity for the family trade of plumbing, Michael wanted to make his own mark in the World. He tried on many different hats during the course of his life including a six-year term in the Air Force and several years at college. However, Michael has always returned to his roots in the trades with the voice of his father, Jimmy guiding him after so many years working hand in hand. The trades may not be glamorous but it is honest work and makes for a life to be proud of.

Michael’s experience in the plumbing trade has placed him in the Captain’s Chair, navigating several companies to success. Some of these companies include: Certified Basements (an Owens Corning Basement finishing system Franchise), Owens Corning HomeExperts DC and The Riverside Center.

Michael now brings his skills, his leadership, his understanding of customer service, his craftmanship and his father’s, (Jimmy), wisdom to you and the team of Wizards at Plumb Magic, LLC.

Plumb Magic Wizard

What Is A Wizard Of Pipe?
No, they are not something left over from the 70’s.

The wizards of pipe are a group of master plumbers dedicated to the perfection of our trade. We go beyond the legal definition of a master plumber and bring true old world craftsmanship back to the building industry.

For over 70 years the Taggert family has been synonymous with plumbing and quality. Our roots are deeply embedded in our Scottish/ Irish old world heritage and the skills we were taught by our grandfathers and fathers. The Taggert’s are now bringing to you the skill, tradesmanship and customer service our family is noted for.

True wizards search for the best way to serve your needs–we don’t just install your faucets we do the best installation possible. We don’t just fix your leak–we fix the cause of the leak so it doesn’t happen again. All of our technicians are highly skilled when they start with us and we install the Taggert family way in them.

We treat our clients as one of the family. Simply put, we are your neighbors, we see you in the grocery store, and our children go to school with your children; we have to do a good job.

“…If you try to do good work, you will be lucky to achieve mediocrity. However if you strive to be great good is easy…” Mr. Eugene Burger
  • Andy Migliaccio
  • Jason Gaumer
  • Justin Ward

Andy Migliaccio is a highly skilled veteran of our industry. Like our president Michael, his father is a plumber as well. Andy serves in a capacity as a senior technician with our company and has now become a Licensed Master Plumber as well as Backflow Device Worker. He is exceptionally knowledgeable in well and water systems.

Jason Gaumer Jason came to Spotsylvania county when he was 5. So that makes him “from the country”. Michael has known Jason since he entered the apprenticeship program. Now that Jason has graduated the apprenticeship and is “all but paperwork away” from his state journeyman’s license, we are proud to welcome Jason to our team. His varied experience gives him a well-rounded approach to his work. Jason has done technical installation work in medical facilities to repairing fixtures in homes. When not working he enjoys gaming and fishing.

Dan Wolfrey Dan is a graduate of Culpeper county high school. He is currently enrolled in the apprenticeship program pursuing his plumbing career. He has been in the construction trade for almost 13 years. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and runs a mobile DJ business.

Justin Ward Justin is a recent graduate of Mountain View high school in Stafford, VA. He is currently enrolled in the apprenticeship program through Plumb Magic and looks forward to pursuing his plumbing career. He is a Stafford native and his hobbies include skateboarding and artwork.

Our History

Michael Returns to plumbing and becomes the production manager for a remodeling magazine big 50 company. He also wins an ACCE communications award for excellence in corporate communication. His work for Owens Corning Basement finishing® Franchise system wins him national recognition for excellence. He is moved to the Owens Corning® Homexperts® division and acts as the master plumber for the Mid-Atlantic region.
Michael returns to a local company after realizing that driving in the northern VA and DC metro area was causing severe hardships on his health and wellbeing. He works for a local company until December.
Plumb Magic® Opens its doors and has its first customer that day.
Plumb Magic® gets into full swing
Plumb magic joins Plumbers Success International and begins winning excellence awards from multiple national referral services such as HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Women’s council Of Realtors, and several others.
Michael IUs accepted into the elite Leadership Fredericksburg program. Plumb Magic® wins Top remodeling plumber in the nation and Top service plumber in the nation.